Smartphone and laptop-free zones on planes soon belong to the past. Especially in times of intensified competition in the airline industry, an airline can hardly not afford to offer inflight entertainment and information systems. WiFi and internet on board are the two next logical steps.

The aim is to continue reducing costs while steadily expanding the service.

A standard service that passengers on the ground and in the air do not want to miss out. The distribution and the weight of publications as well as the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, are significant cost factors.

Media Carrier sees its mission to meet the passengers’ needs as well as to meet the economical demands of the airline.

As a service and technology provider in the field of digital press, we provide your passengers with e-Paper. Media Carrier combines modern technology with excellent contacts in the press purchase on its own technical platform. Our platform works without registration and installation of apps and contains digital versions of newspapers and magazines for download on any device.

We provide you with this digital library and take care of the technical implementation, from the set-up of your individual Media Box, to the graphic design according to your design specifications, its integration into your WiFi and maintenance.

We support you with the optimum press portfolio. Furthermore, we obtain the e-Paper rights, and thus improve the press offer for your passengers with international titles – without any delays and always up-to-date.

We integrate your Media Box into your lounges WiFi, into your in-flight entertainment offer and into your WiFi on board and make it available for your frequent flyers.

We look forward to your request!