Service makes the difference!

Offering attractive services, to differentiate ourselves from competitors as a marketing tool and to increase customer loyalty, is a must these days.

The increasing diffusion of so-called digital devices Leistungen Media Carrier(e.g. smartphones like the iPhone, tablets like the iPad, laptops) also revolutionizes the tourism industry. Worldwide more people will access the Internet via mobile devices instead of PCs or laptops in 2015. Today already 80 percent of passengers are travelling with them. It is an appreciate service, to offer the guests an added value for using their devices.

Our offer for your guests: Updated daily international newspapers and magazines in the e-paper format,  without any additional technical requirements.

We provide a wide range of services that we customize entirely to your needs. Not only in the digital sector: together with our sister company News-Log AG, we optimize your press purchasing by supplying you with both, digital and print version of newspapers and magazines.