The Media Box is a web-based platform, which is easy to use and gets baked into your locations WiFi.

Your guests do not have to register to use the Media Box. Using the Media Box over the WiFi is just as free as downloading the PDF files without any app installation. Any mobile web-enabled device with WiFi can use the Media Box. The digital outputs can be read directly in the browser and stored locally by request.
It works with iPad, iPhone, Android Smartphone, Tablet PC, notebook and netbook – we offer a solution for all!

Access to the Media Box is either possible through the locations Wi-Fi or via the internet, which is protected by a password.

Your benefits:

  • We create your own Media Box in your corporate design
  • We integrate your Media Box in your locations WiFi
  • Use the Media Box as extended service for your guests
  • In addition, the Media Box offers you opportunities to generate additional revenue
  • Integrate your own marketing materials or magazines into the Media Box